Mother and Foal Bust

Edition: 12 - Bronze
Dimensions: 1000mm W x 800mm Deep x 1000mm H
Weight: +- 112kg

(RJG 028)

“I was inspired to re-create a mother and her foal, purely from the remarkable sensitivity and love that I noted in various horses I had seen. They have always impressed me as regal, elegant, statuesque and truly beautiful creations. It was very important to capture the essence of motherhood with a gentleness and love for her foal. I believe I achieved this and whilst still in clay, a client had commented on how she just wanted to stroke her snout as it was as if her breath could be felt. That emotional connection told me that I achieved what I set out to do and to recreate the essence of life in my sculpture. The foal had to be young, spritely with a hint of naughtiness, his youth clearly shown with a bit of a robust nature. I believe I have captured both emphasising youth and maternal age. I look forward to doing a full size horse someday in my specific detailed style ensuring that the essence of life is portrayed throughout.”




February 14, 2020