Edition: 5 / Bronze Dimensions: 2400mm L x 1200mm W x 1000mm H Weight: +- 330kg (RJG 054)

Horse Pair

Edition: 25 / Bronze/Black Crystal Glass Dimensions: 150mm L x 100mm W x 300mm H Weight: +- 6kg (RJG 037)

Rearing Arab Stallion

Edition: 25 / Bronze/Kiaat Wood Dimensions: 400mm L x 240mm W x 380mm H Weight: +- 9kg (RJG 034) The story of the Arabian horse is thousands of years old, filled with poetry, art, and romantic legends. It is a tale that embraces grand historical figures, from prophets to pashas, to kings, queens, and presidents, reaching across diverse civilizations on five continents. From the days of gallant desert warriors to