“Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Alexander”

Edition: Commissioned for a client in Brussels, Belgium

Code: RJG 062

“I was requested to create Archbishop Tutu with the 3 year old Alexander reflective of their laughter and affection. Alexander’s father runs an NGO with Archbishop Tutu in Belgium, are personal family friends, baptised the child and married the couple. A wonderful challenge at creating human form off photographs of people I have never met personally.”

“Dolly” – Much loved deceased Family pet 

Edition: Commissioned

Code: RJG 056

Terrier – Family Pet Commission

Otto, A much loved family member, commissioned by a client in London, Ms Jane van Ammel

200mm L x 180mm W     Height: 280 mm     Weight: 5.1 kg     Base: Granite or Wood     Code: RJG038

“Otto was a much loved member of a family in London who sadly succumbed to cancer whilst I was still creating him. He was my first family pet recreation and I had great enjoyment in attempting to ensure that his spirit and nature was captured. He was known for his smile and the curtain eyebrows. I chose to create him looking up at his owner in a way that he was best remembered. The end result was a 100% accurate version of Otto and a very happy client. I felt very privileged to be in a position to ensure that Otto lived on in the hearts of those who loved him.”

Racehorse Stallion – Noordhoek Flyer Sculpture

Commissioned by Lady Christine Laidlaw

1000 mm (L) x 600 mm (W)     Height: 1000 mm     Weight: +- 75 kg     Wall-mounted     Commission: once-off     Code: RJG014

Bull And The Bear Sculpture

Commissioned by Citadel Asset Management Group



570 mm (L) x 380 mm (W)     Height: 480 mm     Weight: +- 13 kg     Granite Base     Commission: once-off     Code: RJG026

“Done as a portrayal of the Bull and Bear financial markets, both images, that of a Grizzly bear in full attack mode and the mature Bull, anger reflected in eyes and mannerism, leaning into the fight with the bull attempting to bore into the Grizzly. I chose images that reflected immense strength of equally matched markets fighting to get the upper hand and not one where either individual was in a submissive stance reflecting defeat. My sculpture captures a moment of equally matched strength in the offensive stance. It was a commission for the Citadel Asset Management firm in Claremont, one as a gift to the CEO from staff and a second one made for the foyer of the Head Office.”



Fighting Hippos

Commissioned for Lord and Lady Irvine Laidlaw, Noordhoek Manor, De Goede Hoop Estate, Noordhoek.

Large Male (above water): 1300 mm (L) x 1100 mm (W)     Height: +- 1600 mm    Weight: +- 490 kg
Small Male (above water): 1200 mm (L) x 1000 mm (W)     Height: +- 1400 mm    Weight: +- 480 kg

No formal base – underwater plinths     Edition: Once Off     Code: RJG018

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