Ocean Bowl Humpback Whales

Edition: 20 - Bronze / Blown Glass
Dimensions: 600mm L x 400mm W x 150mm H
Weight: +- 7kg

(RJG 031)

“The ocean bowl was an idea that came to mind when saw the beautiful bowl created by Red Hot Glass blowers. The swirling colours reminded me of the white crests of the waves, the blue tones of ocean depths and the curve of the bowl indicative of the gentle rise and fall of the ocean waves. The shape lent itself to the lines of whales and I decided to create a family of Humpback whales as a base swimming in the depths of the ocean below the rim of the bowl. These mammals are gentle, intelligent giants of the deep with the most haunting but somehow incredibly peaceful and soothing song audible over very long distances. Known to help other smaller sea mammals in distress, especially from Orcas, Humpback whales have been seen to defend and protect others, a trait so remarkably caring and intelligent, one can only admire and want to understand the level of intelligence that humans so easily disregard. I am very pleased with the end result of my sculpture, the feel of the ocean and the movement of the whales and every time I look upon it, I am reminded of how special these creatures are and how little we understand of their compassion, love and ability to live very long lives, gracing our oceans.




February 14, 2020