Edition: 5 - Bronze
Dimensions: 1150mm H x 840mm W x 730mm Deep (Base plate: 900mm x 900mm)
Weight: +- 130kg

(RJG 055)

The story of Nature's Child - "Eve"

"During a time of extreme stress and turmoil questioning the damage caused by particular individuals in my life, questioning value:, decency, honesty, commitment and sincerity, I chose to create Nature's Child -"Eve", something inherently good and beautiful, a figment of my imagination as to what I perceived a child of nature to look like, reflecting what I perceived as the beauty around us beyond the abusive traits of mankind. I spent hours every day concentrating on moulding clay just so that I could avoid having to think about the situation I was in. Being very ill, I found a space in the silence of sculpting that allowed my mind to settle and focus, removing the world from my thoughts and allowing me to see a glimmer of something good in all the heartache. As nature is perfection, flawless, beautiful, refined, serene and calming exuding elegance, I chose to create a female persona that reflected those qualities: an image from my mind that I thought best representing nature in all its splendour.

She has a hint of a gentle smile, reflective of her love and gentleness within and her touch, through an extended hand, showing a bond between living beings. She is compassionate, loving showing empathy to the natural world around her. The bird in her hand reflective of care and providing a safe haven of protection for those more fragile. My love for nature is exemplified through her image. The bird on her shoulder, wings outstretched and the squirrel at her feet holding his acorn reflective of nature in a moment in time. I have adorned her shoulders in flowers to further enhance a reflection of nature both fauna and flora. A classical creation that I am very proud of.

Imagine a world where this level of compassion, thoughtfulness, love and empathy is the norm. She stands barefoot on the earth surrounded by oak leaves and acorns as an indication of oneness with the earth and of the earth, truly in touch with and part of the natural world and a little bit of the Cape where she was created.

As she is 1200mm in height, the artistic thought behind her creation is that she needs to be placed on an 600mm high plinth ensuring an overall 1800mm height so that the angle at which the viewer would gaze upon her would be at a slightly upward angle to look directly into her face to note the smile and truly connect with her emotionally."




February 25, 2020