As a fine art sculptor/artist following a more classical style, I work hard to create my passion, whether it is reflective of the natural world or of expressive human moments that will convey to me and others the beauty that surrounds them. I love the use of wax infused clays that can be moulded as I wish, starting from nothing and ending in an achievement. My sculptures are unique to me as much love, time, effort and a piece of my soul is in it. I feel that every fleeting moment of the immense creative genius in the world that surrounds me needs to be frozen in time, to be looked upon, to be remembered and truly appreciated. I hope to remind people of expressive moments, character, emotional and the physical strengths inherent in both the natural and human realms.

My subjects are chosen by what brings about an emotional connection, that skipped heartbeat experienced when I see what I truly love. Time spent in the wilds emphasises the strength that one experiences in animals which needs to be captured, the frailty, fragility and lightness of being in birds. Time spent with horses reminds me of the gentleness, elegance and regal stature that must be achieved and time spent with humans reminds me of the emotional reaction that characterises the soul. My style and detail is to ensure the uniqueness of what I am seeing and the translation that my mind and hands bring about to capture that specific moment. Techniques differ in accordance with the strength or gentleness of the piece in question. The smallest expression in the eye can make all the difference.

Animals have the most beautiful personalities and expressions. Observing their world, their innermost being and their serenity, allows us to be part of something profound. We are custodians, caretakers of this realm – learn the language of this world and you will be truly blessed . . .

Current works are across the board, to test how far I can push myself based on the immense works seen and done by the worlds’ foremost classical fine art sculptors from ancient times, endless inspiration and respect for a talent so remarkable that I will spend my life striving for. Something I can truly call my own.

I want to create through my hands, give life by stopping time just for a moment and to ensure that when a piece is purchased you are buying a piece of my heart and soul, hours of errors and happiness, years of frustration. I hope to achieve success to ensure a means of being able to create more and more unique pieces as I learn, embellish on, evolve and ensure a style uniquely expressive and personal that will bring great joy to all who share a kindred spirit.

Richard J. Gunston