Edition: 5 / Bronze Dimensions: 2400mm L x 1200mm W x 1000mm H Weight: +- 330kg (RJG 054)

Horse Pair

Edition: 25 / Bronze/Black Crystal Glass Dimensions: 150mm L x 100mm W x 300mm H Weight: +- 6kg (RJG 037)

Rearing Arab Stallion

Edition: 25 / Bronze/Kiaat Wood Dimensions: 400mm L x 240mm W x 380mm H Weight: +- 9kg (RJG 034) The story of the Arabian horse is thousands of years old, filled with poetry, art, and romantic legends. It is a tale that embraces grand historical figures, from prophets to pashas, to kings, queens, and presidents, reaching across diverse civilizations on five continents. From the days of gallant desert warriors to

Nature’s Child

Edition: 5 / Bronze Dimensions: 1150mm H x 840mm W x 730mm Deep (Base plate: 900mm x 900mm) Weight: +- 120kg (RJG 055) The story of Nature’s Child – “Eve” “During a time of extreme stress and turmoil questioning the damage caused by particular individuals in my life, questioning value:, decency, honesty, commitment and sincerity, I chose to create Nature’s Child -“Eve”, something inherently good and beautiful, a figment of