Work in Progress

Natures Child Sculpture

1150mmH x 840mmW x 730mmD 

“I chose to create an image of a feminine figure that in my mind represents nature. A figure that nurtures, cares, shows love, compassion and empathy for everything around her. I portrayed her as elegant but barefoot to emphasise oneness with the earth and being truly in touch with nature. I tried to portray the relationship that should exist between humans and nature, a balance of mutual benefit and care. A very subtle smile has been placed on your face to convey the feeling of love towards all that surrounds her. This was my first attempt at human form and undertook its creation by systematically building her up out of ideas as they formed in my mind. Inspired by renaissance style works and a great admiration for the works of the world’s greatest sculptors. Currently still in the clay form."

Elephant Bull Sculpture

500mmD x 750mmW x 650mmH

Young Francolin Sculpture

240mmL x 100mmW x 110mmH

Baby Elephant Sculpture

170mmL x 100mmW x 140mmH

Fighting Elephant Bulls Sculpture

530mmL x 140mmW x 170mmH

Lioness Hunting Cape Buffalo Sculpture

460mmL x 200mmW x 210mmH

Lion hunting Sable Sculpture

630mmL x 250mmW x 360mmH

Arab Stallion Bust Sculpture

510mmL x 200mmW x 540mmH

Lion Hunting Warthog Sculpture

 2100mmL x 1200mmH X 1100mmW

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