Bronze Sculptures of Leopards

Life size Leopard descending a rock face “Sengo” Sculpture

+-2300mm L x 500mm W x +-700-1400mm H weight: 132 Kg Base: Zimbabwe black granite plinths (With or without) Edition No: 12  Code: RJG 023

Life size Leopard catching Guinea Fowl Sculpture

Size: +-2100mm L x 900mm W x +-870 – 2200mm H     Weight: 170 Kg     Base: Stainless steel base with matching patina     Edition No: 12 (1/12 SOLD)     Code: RJG 024

Resting Leopard Sculpture

300mm (L) x 130mm (W) x 260mm (H)     Base:  Timber or Bronze Plate     Code: RJG033

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